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Our Strip Doors set world standards for clarity, quality and innovation.

Industrial strip doors ensure effective separation and passage safety. Without requiring any specific maintenance, they are the most economic answer to all closing requirements.

Why use Strip doors ?

Strip Doors are most economical solution to protect employee and good from outside weather condition condition such as noise, heat, cold, humidity, dust and drafts. Strip doors provide major energy saving at loading dock installation, also provide ideal visual barrier for conveyor opening in retail, warehouse, or baggage handling


Advantage of using strip doors

  • Reduce energy (hot or cold air ) losses by 75%
  • Fewer accidents at doorways
  • Improve traffic flow
  • Comfortable work environment
  • longer shelf life for refrigerated product
  • Reduce coil icing
  • reduce heater wear
  • Reduce filter maintenance
  • Noise reduction

Why use Goldvest strip door ?

  • Largest Selection of strip material
    Customer can choose 8 different strip formulation in different width and thickness with over 30 combination of characteristic, including :
    Ultraviolet, and visible light screening; sound attenuation;; anti static; clear and opaque;low temperature; ribbed; safety orange and selection of opaque colors
  • Colorful
  • lots variation of colors are available
  • Control temperature, contains dust, reduce noise and insect barrier
  • Temperature range from -45 to +50 Celsius degree







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