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Mounting hardware
Our Type 1 mounting system is available in your choice of aluminum or galvanized steel. All mounting holes are pre-drilled and all fasteners, except those needed to attach our mounting system to the existing building material, are supplied.


This innovative system, consisting of a specially designed angle and face plates, allows Goldvest Strip Door to be mounted in either the lintel (inside frame, under header) or side wall (header) position (note diagrams this page).


Each PVC strip is secured between the vertical side of the angle and one foot face plate sections. Worn or damaged strips may be easily replaced by simply removing the necessary number of face plate sections, replacing the appropriate strips and reattaching the face plates.

Type 1


Overlapping procedure

In order to get a better performance from the doors, a certain percentage of strip overlapping is recommended depending on their use.
Over lapping choice hs to be made according to the isolation need, from a slight overlapping for a simple separation to 100 % overlapping for a strong isolation


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